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Default Re: Hollow Earth theory

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post electro-magnetic coil could create magnetism, but not gravity.
I already went there.

Let me repeat myself :
There has been continuous serious investigation into the possibility that gravity and electromagnetic forces are linked. Unified theories of forces have been of continuous interest to physicists. Some of the more famous examples include Maxwell in 1855 who showed electric and magnetic lines of force could be described by a single set of equations; Einstein died working on a unified field theory to explain the relationship between gravitation and electromagnetism and more recently, the 1999 Nobel Prize was awarded for work toward deriving a unified framework for all the theoretical forces (Gerard 't Hooft).

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
And if it were to generate that kind of heat, it would mean that it has a high resistance, meaning it would have to be fed by a GIGANTIC power source. Something akin to the sun, only controlled and channeled.
Giant reservoirs of hot magma?
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