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Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Let me know your findings. I'm curious
OK, will do. I should let you know what it would take to change my mind first, and you can tell me if it is reasonable.

1. The samples must have provenance. There must be some way to prove, within a reasonable doubt, that they are actually from ground zero, and not just cooked up in a garage.

2. The material must be capable of burning at the advertised temperature. This seems like the easiest one to satisfy, and it looks like it has.

3. There must be a feasible application method. Its no good if the explosive you are using is difficult or impossible to emplace, or blows up during the elevator ride.

I dont think it should be too hard to prove these, if this is indeed what happened. I will keep researching this week and let you know what I find by the weekend.
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