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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
I know only little about Rife's work (although I find his story fascinating), but I have looked into the arguments of Duesberg and as a layman I find no arguments to disprove him. IMO, this gives him as a prominent scientist at least the benefit of a doubt.
Some of Duesburgs assertions that are obviously bunk:

4) The epidemic is fragmented into distinct subepidemics with exclusive AIDS-defining diseases. For example, only homosexual males have Kaposi's sarcoma.

University Clinic Hamburg.
OBJECTIVE: To assess the natural history of KS in HIV-positive women METHODS: Clinical, epidemiological and immunological data of ten women with biopsy-proven KS living in Germany were evaluated. RESULTS: Mean age was 39.7 years. KS was the first AIDS defining event in 9 and reason for testing in 3. Mean CD4-count was 215/yl. 2 patients were of African origin. 5 patients were heterosexually infected. All but one, a prostitute, had a bisexual HIV-positive partner, 3/4 partners had KS. 3 women were IVDU. 2, possibly all 3, had been prostitutes. Initially, 8 patients had limited, 2 widely disseminated disease. Only 1 patient has not progressed. 6 patients died after a mean follow-up of 16.7 months (range 7 to 43). In 4, death was at least partly attributed to end-stage KS. Survival was longer for non IVDU and for patients with higher CD4-counts at diagnosis. CONCLUSION: KS runs a particularly aggressive course in women. Our data are consistent with a sexually transmissible etiologic agent of KS. Prostitution, an issue yet to be addressed by other authors reporting series of women with KS, was reported in 4 of our patients Further studies need to clarify the significance of this finding.

AIDS is not contagious. For example, not even one health care worker has contracted AIDS from over 800,000 AIDS patients in America and Europe.

It took me all of five seconds to find an article in The Lancet on a heathcare worker infected by a patient, and many more where heathcare workers have infected patients.
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