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Default Re: What's Happening To America ?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
With regards to the Dust Bowl, the SS was highly critical of American agriculture. They criticised American farmers for caring only about the high short term profits while ignoring the consequences this had to their lands and the environment. The explained that a more traditional way of farming (which included eg. an anual shift of crops and the use of hedges to reduce winds) as used in Germany provides lower short term profits but also allows the land to be used for decades (or even centuries) without any damage to the soil or the environment. The article was written by a German who'd spent some time on the American countryside both before and after it was hurt by the ust Bowl.

Other articles dealt with general politics, the American "melting pot", Jewish influence in the US, etc. I could look up some more details for you after the weekend if you're interested. I'll be staying with my GF until Sunday, so I won't have access to this booklet until then.
That is pretty much the American assessment of what happened during the dust bowl too. FYI. The History Channel recently did a great documentary on it.
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