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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

Originally Posted by Judoman427 View Post
And no I won't be selling drugs for a living

judoman dont even bother listening to albie

she has drank WAY too much Kool-aid all her life

she's probably some bitch little lawyer or something, or some other field that feeds off the unfortunate, and only thrives because the world is setup the way that it is.

you see unfortunately the people that are better off in life with fabulous careers, are really only stealing from everyone else. they see nothing wrong because they have never been on the bottom of the pyramid.

you see albie, can not get it through her little tiny pea sized, public schooled brain, that right now we can power the entire earth for free. have all the best cleanest food for everyone for free, and get housing and medical care to everyone on the planet, VERY EASILY.

she is a tool for their society, she attacks what she does not understand, because she has been programmed to all her life.
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