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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

First you take over my trashing role and now you try to usurp my cheif abuser role!

Enoughs enough NOHOPE!

Dear Johnny,

Please do not live up to the name of your web site.

David Icke is a dickhead, a wanker par excellance who needs to pull his head out of his reptillian arse and have a holiday.

David Icke is borderline loon...end of story. Icke claimed to be Jesus christ not to long ago on the telly. He has had a "mystical experience" and has yet to regain mother Earth.

There is a plethora of reasonable websites offering reasonable analysis without giving this toss one bit of press which he does'nt deserve.

I blame the 290 days of rain in England for this phenomena.

Remember everyone!!!!! "Infinite Love Is The Only Truth"!!!!! Oh yes...well in that case Dave old can tootle off and retire...all's just an illusion right?

The guy is full of it...take him off your bookmark.
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