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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

Don't listen to revolution, she is just angry because she was born short and fat and not good at stuff and poor. Any attack she can make against people who were lucky enough to have good rich parents she will make.

>>This isn't about me being lazy with no confidence. I got three A's and an A* for my maths and science, I worked my ass off to get those grades, so this isn't just me whining. I do actualy have a validv point.

Your point seems to be that you didn't give a shit about those subjects so you didn't make use of them and keep the knowlegde in your head. ANY knowledge will fall away if you don't use it. Even the hippy David Icke stuff you wish were taught, like channeling and taking lsd.

Or making dreamcatchers and wearing ethnic hats and having white man dreadlocks (why is it always ginger people who have them?)

Your argument is that you don't give a shit. Fine.
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