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Default Re: What's Happening To America ?

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
No, even in the American system, it is not pure free market capitalism, for obvious reasons. But at the margin it is a system that provides far greater personal liberty at the expense of requiring greater personal responsibility, and that, at least to me, makes it preferable to socialism. As you said before, many are milking your system as well.
I hate the fact that many thousands are milking my system without ever having contributed anything to it, but when I became a victim of the economic crisis and had to manage without a job for 6 months I was glad the system at least allowed me to pay the bills during those 6 months without going into debt.

Also, where the EU uses censorship to silence people, the US uses various types of peer pressure to achieve the same result. If you hold a controversial opinion, pressure groups can and will do everything they can to destroy your social life, your income and in some cases your freedom. While the US once used to be a land of freedom and prosperity, this has all changed since the late 19th century and it has now become the land of forced conformity. In fact, the entire concepts of political correctness, multi-culturalism and other mind-numbing concepts orriginated within the US and were merely exported to Europe about a decade later. This is one of the many American imports in my land that I strongly object to and blame 64 years of neo-imperialism for.
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