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Default Re: What's Happening To America ?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
I hate the fact that many thousands are milking my system without ever having contributed anything to it, but when I became a victim of the economic crisis and had to manage without a job for 6 months I was glad the system at least allowed me to pay the bills during those 6 months without going into debt.

Also, where the EU uses censorship to silence people, the US uses various types of peer pressure to achieve the same result. If you hold a controversial opinion, pressure groups can and will do everything they can to destroy your social life, your income and in some cases your freedom. While the US once used to be a land of freedom and prosperity, this has all changed since the late 19th century and it has now become the land of forced conformity. In fact, the entire concepts of political correctness, multi-culturalism and other mind-numbing concepts orriginated within the US and were merely exported to Europe about a decade later. This is one of the many American imports in my land that I strongly object to and blame 64 years of neo-imperialism for.
OK, it took me a few minutes to stop laughing. Sorry. Who would have thought we would agree on something? Ok, point by point.

What you have noticed is the prime moral hazard that all far reaching social welfare programs run into: the prime motivation of humans. If something is going to be given out for "free" (at least free to the recipient), then there is no motivation for them to do anything but stay on the dole. If the government is going to just hand it out, hells yeah I am going to just do that. There is a free-market alternative to government wealth redistribution, but I am curious to see if you can reason out what it is?

And I will agree that liberal political correctness has run amok in this country, but I dont think that it has quite the far reaching ramifications here that you think it does. I am a very non-PC, individualist, conservative, and I hardly hide my views, nor feel the need to. Though I did have some chick attack me in the Peoples Republic of Boulder the other day because I was reading a Glenn Beck book, lol. The fact that political correctness has not become so ingrained in the US is probably due to the accepted practice of individualism. If things have gotten that bad over there, maybe it is because of the continental European lack of spine. As for the neo-imperialism shot....I dont seem to remember there being any bases in the Benelux. Just kidding. I am sure our media has an even more profound effect on the tender sensibilities of Europeans, so its not surprising. That's ok though, when all of the Muslim immigrants rise up and kill you all, and under Sharia law no less, you wont have to worry about such things, lol.
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