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Default Re: What do you do to resist every day?

I have started farming my own land and am branching out to bigger projects where we will be farming multiple peoples properties.

I am growing 100% organic vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits, as well as houseplants, outdoor display plants, and other types of plants for free study scientific purposes. NO pesticides and NO fertilizer! 100% organic

I don't watch too much T.V. anymore, though i stilll like to view it and watch for any new illuminati T.V. spots.

i don't shop at the big corporate whore stores , i don't buy worthless garbage that is stupid and pretty much meaningless.

I do drive, but i got a saturn that gets average 30- 40 miles a gallon. I bike occasionally and walk if it is not far.

I don't use a bank, or the credit system. All trade, barter, or cash.

i don't go to movies, or rent them.

i don't buy newspapers, i don't buy fast food, i don't go to starbucks, lol i could go on and on

i really hope more and more people wake up and get with this program

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