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Default Re: The William Burroughs/Jimmy Page Chat - THE JIMMY AND BILL SHOW

Professer Gavreau of France developed infra-sound as a military
weapon. A powerful infra-sound installation can, he claims, kill everyone in
a five-mile radius, knock down walls and break windows. Infra-sound kills by
setting up vibrations within the body so that, as Gavreau puts it, "You can
feel all the organs in your body rubbing together." The plans for this
device can be obtained from the French Patent Office, and infra-sound
generators constructed from inexpensive materials. Needless to say, one is
not concerned with military applications however unlimited, but with more
interesting and useful possibilities, reaching much further that five miles.

This is INDEED possible and discovered by Nikola

Tesla and then developed further by Dr. Royal

Rife. Do a search on Tesla / Royal Rife /

resonance / cancer etc to see the big picture.

The concept of RESONANCE is one of the most

incredible discoveries EVER made by man.
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