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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
You aren't on the internet for entertainment?

Arrogant? Perhaps.

Unafraid of the minute intelligences portrayed by the likes of you? Definitely.

Unless that now you are somewhere that you feel comfortable you have something you'd like to ask someone you report to despise?

I'm not Christian. Satan is a meaningless concept.

Now tell me how I'm delusional and in doing so prove that you don't understand even the simplest concepts of the hermetic traditions.

Tell you what. I'll send you a little dream tonight. I'll call it "a taste of Hell"

I figured with all your illumination, you would have figured out who I am by now. You and your ilk have been looking all these years, and here I am, right in front of you.

Sweet dreams.
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