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Default Re: The William Burroughs/Jimmy Page Chat - THE JIMMY AND BILL SHOW

Ya ... the Gavreau machine, forgot about that part. I first read about that story in a little-known but mind-blowing book called Supernature, by Lyall Watson, written in 74. A couple of years back I typed in the relevant excerpt from Watson's book, which I'm sure that's where Burroughs first learned of it as well. Here's what I posted to ParanoidTimes ... I even mentioned this article with Page and Burroughs!!!

An interesting article published on the Fortean Times website today mentioned
a little known discovery by a scientist named Gavraud. A while back I read a
book by Lyall Watson called Supernature. The book is a pretty interesting read.
The thing that stood out for me though, above everything else in the book, was
a short story about a Marseilles engineer named Gavraud who made an incredible
discovery about infrasound. Here is an excerpt:

"Professor Gavraud is an engineer who almost gave up his post at an institute
in Marseilles because he always felt ill at work. He decided against leaving
when discovered that the recurrent attacks of nausea only worried him when he
was in his office at the top of the building. Thinking that there must be
something in the room that disturbed him, he tried to track it down with
devices sensitive to various chemicals, and even with a geiger counter, but he
found nothing until one day, nonplused, he leaned back against the wall. The
whole room was vibrating at a very low frequency. The source of this energy
turned out to be an air-conditioned plant on the roof of a building across the
way, and his office was the right shape and the right distance from the machine
to resonate in sympathy with it. I was this rhythm, at seven cycles per second,
that made him sick."

"Fascinated by the phenomenon, Gavraud decided to build machines to produce
infrasound so that he could investigate it further. In casting around for
likely designs, he discovered that the whistle with a pea in it issued to all
French gendarmes produced a whole range of low-frequency sounds. So he produced
a police whistle six feet long and powered it with compressed air. The
technician who gave the giant whistle its first trial blast fell down dead on
the spot. A post-mortem revealed that all his internal organs had been mashed
into an amorphous jelly by the vibrations."

"Gavraud went ahead with his work more carefully and did the next test out of
doors, with all observers screened from the machine in a concrete bunker. When
all was ready, they turned the air on slowly - and broke the windows of every
building within half a mile of the test site. Later they learned to control the
amplitude of the infrasound generator more effectively and designed a series of
smaller machines for experimental work. One of the most intersting discoveries
to date is that the waves of low frequency can be aimed and that two generators
focused on a particular point even five miles away produce a resonance that can
knock a building down as effectively as a major earthquake. These frequency-7
machines can be built very cheaply, and plans for them are available for three
French francs from the Paten Office in Paris."
- Supernature pp. 92-93, Coronet Books 1974.

This brings up all sorts of interesting questions. When I first read this I
immediately thought of the 'earthquake weapons' rumored to be developed by the
Soviets. I also recalled an article I had read in Guitar magazine (wish I still
had it!) of an interview between Jimmy Page and William S Burroughs. In it they
speculate on all kinds of ways to influence the body and mind with sonic weapons
- Jimmy Page even admitted to have made a few crude inventions himself which he
tested on unsuspecting Zeppelin fans during concerts. An infrasound weapon
could also be the source of the mysterious hum in parts of the southwest.

I came across a more detailed account of Gavraud's experiments:
The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau
by Gerry Vassilatos

Here's the article from Fortean Times published today:
Sonic Doom
December 2001

Seems the technology to find the resonance frequency of objects was only rediscovered by Gavreau. Is this the same sort of thing that Telsa was looking into?

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