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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
Documentaries seem to continually reinforce that contrails cannot persist longer than about 1 minute, so I'm going to assume anything much longer is not natural in any condition. This means the appleman chart can be used to predict a maximum contrail of about a minute (max persistence) and indefinite "truly persistent" and spreading contrails are an outright lie. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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I'm glad your on this site. It's a small site, but comes up second if
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The Appleman Chart is explaining how "modified contrails" form. It has
nothing to do with "natural" contrail formation. Notice the Appleman chart
says consistent contrails will form in 0% RH. Impossible!

Have you ever seen how small contrails form off of jet fighters wing tips, when they are pulling high g,s? You'll seem them often when they take off from AC carriers.

Contrail formation has nothing to do with cold, but humidity, and pressure.

It's the same concept as clouds forming around mountain ranges. It's because the air is pushed up, when it flows over the mountain. The air is pressurized, creating a denser amount of moisture. That's why it snows in the mountains, not because of temp. The temps are dropped because the air moves faster over the mountains. Wind chill factor. That's why temperature inversions are possible, meaning it's warmer at the top of the mountain than in the valleys. Think about it. The top of the mountain is actually closer to the sun. It's the winds, that keep it colder, allowing the snow to stick around longer.

The short lived contrails are Liquid CO2 for supercooling the atmosphere. The long lived contrails are a concoction of silver-iodide, ammonia, urea, etc. The main reason is weather modification, the secondary being a sickening of the people. But, they do have a solution that will kill, which is being tested in the Ukraine right now.
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