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Exclamation Petrified Alien Found in 2003?

OK, this story is just bizarre. I was at the local University library, which is a government depository library, and I found a book called

"Home Field Advantage - A Century Of Partnership between Wright Patterson Air Force Base and Dayton Ohio. It was in the government reference section, so I could only Xerox parts of it.

Here is the cover.

Notice is has a gov doc # 301.82/7:F45. This means it's an official government sanctioned book.

Now, here is where it get interesting. Page 291, is a one page "postscript"
Basically the author saying "P.S. here is an interesting story"

Here's the page

Here's some closeups of the text.

Now, granted, it appears as a bit of satire. But McCook AFB did exist, and Dr. Vincent Russo is a real person.

I originally posted this on ATS (DOD funded site), under the name exposethosesecrets, and was banned, only after the thread received a great deal of attention. They gave me no reason for banning me, they just banned me.

Here is that thread. It's worth a read, as one user even emailed/called Dr. Vincent Russo.
Petrified Alien Found At Wright Patterson in 2003?, page 1


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