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Default Hey, Let's Wait Till the Moon is Full

First off, I would like to say that I think the pope was dead even though they were telling us he was still alive.

Secondly, I think they waited to officially have the new pope take over on a time of the month when the moon is called the 'full-"crow"-moon' (the 24th/25th).

I never liked crows. They are 'bringers' of bad news.

But ask any legal eagle, or police--and they will tell you that during the full-moon 'things are hoppin'!! More murders, fights, rapes, thefts. Our own health is even affected. Our moods shift. It is also known as the blood moon.

Personally, the heavenly bodies might have an energy-----but do people have to give these objects life and worship?? And not use self control?

Just because it is some cycle or a full moon, do some people have to behead some goat or chicken???
(Or WORSE?!!!)

But anyway, it really amazes me!

When I read your posts I look at how much we all (here at CC) have discovered and learned about such things as: 'days of worship to the beast', 'numerology', 'planned tragedies on certain days of the month'.

Some of us knew these things, and some of us just discovered these types of doings. While THEY plan their 'happenings' to be brought about on certain days, -there are people going hungry, unemployed people, and people losing their jobs and homes, people in need of medicine, and people dying for this country-----while THEY keep busy with their 'planning of events'!!!.

Good grief!!! Does their god send them a memo as a reminder: "hey, don't forget tomorrow is a full moon, or it's the 19th, or the 13th, or whatever--go out and do something to acknowledge that you believe in me and worship me!" "Kill somebody, or something!"

Why do I have this urge to smack somebody.

Got Truth?
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