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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
Tell you what. I'll send you a little dream tonight. I'll call it "a taste of Hell"

I figured with all your illumination, you would have figured out who I am by now. You and your ilk have been looking all these years, and here I am, right in front of you.

Sweet dreams.
I don't remember seeing "Find Stompk" on the trestleboard last meeting.

What is this assumption that I care who you are?

Do you perceive your real life so seemingly worthless that you are only able to find personal validation if you imagine some shadowy group of old men are chasing you?

I slept great last night. If it was something you did, kindly do it again.

@BA: Club Conspiracy may not be a meeting place for freemasons, but it does seem to be a meeting place for every other kind of nutball that's able to afford an internet connection. Are you someone else that's afraid of their entire world view being wrong?

EDIT: Thanks for the welcome, Companion, and congrats!
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