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Default Re: Human Civilisation Founded on Slavery?

One of the consequences of the observation that human civilisation is based on slavery is that the persons running this system must be crooks. Any order or regularity which exists within this society is immoral as such an order has an immoral purpose as a goal which is one of exploitation.

If the persons running this system are no better than crooks or pirates then what is to stop them committing other crimes in addition to cruel exploitation? Suetonius tells us that the Emperor Nero would sometimes pass his time by roaming the streets of Rome at night strangling anyone he came upon and throwing their bodies down the sewers. Even among the medieval Papacy acts of murder, whoring and paedophilia were not unknown; in fact far from it, such acts were pretty much the norm.

Sexual exploitation of course is part of the equation as well. It is not known precisely how many slaves there were in ancient Greece but modest estimates have every household possessing at least one slave. Of course the wealthier the household, the more slaves they had. It is evident that slave girls had their uses beyond being purely domestic servants and in ancient Greece the status of married women was little more than a domestic servant anyway.

Even the great intellects of the ancient world had slaves. Plato and Aristotle for example both had a number of slaves each. Considering that you regularly have to beat slaves to keep them obedient surely this paints these so-called sublime thinkers in a new light?

However I am sure I am merely brushing the surface.

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