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Default Re: 9/11 Happened Because of Afghan Opium

The US has been somewhat lax in its drug eradication policy to date. In 2005 the US committed $780 million towards this end but what is this compared to the $100’s of billions the drugs trade generates in the US alone?

However despite of this commitment by the following year, 2006, opium production had actually increased in Afghanistan by some 59%. Indeed the chief of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime has stated that it would take some 20 years for the Afghan economy to properly adjust itself such that opium production can be completely phased out.

But this is nonsense surely? The US and its allies have gone to war against the same people who successfully eradicated the drug in 2001. The Taliban officially outlawed opium production in 2000 and by 2001 the eradication program had been largely a complete success. Indeed the United Nations Drugs Control Program (UNDCP) noted that in 2001 opium production in Afghanistan was insignificant having previously produced 70% of the world’s supply.
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