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Default Re: A Nation Of Lockdowns

More fun lockdown news

Grove Elementary School and Tanglewood Middle School were in lockdown Friday after a parent made threats to a Department of Social Services worker, said a spokeswoman for the Greenville County Sheriff's Office.
McKinney said it is routine for schools to be placed on lockdown when parents threaten DSS workers during the removal process.
Parental Issue Causes Lockdowns At 2 Schools - Greenville News Story - WYFF Greenville

So, making a threat to a DDS worker, that is not even at the school, triggers a lockdown?

Sgt. Robbie Walker of the Jones County Sheriff's Department said the school was locked down as it is periodically for a random drug search, but it had no connection with hunting weapons that were found on campus. The weapons, he said, were discovered in two unrelated incidents.

Oh, so now they can lock your kid up in the school for a drug search? Parents, wake up!
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