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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

stompk, There you go again teaching me things. I realize Appleman Chart does not deal with "natural" contrails but aircraft contrails. Although, I haven't really considered natural contrails for quite some time.

albie! You decided to join with some semi-rational thoughts and evidence. Congratulations on participating in the forum rather than just using it to baselessly attack others.
It seems the appleman chart was made in the 50s and is outdated.
How long did you research? 5 minutes? The USAF and NASA still use it as a reference. It is 98% accurate in predicting NO contrails - so what's your problem? Do you think the laws of physics have changed since the 50's?
But I am still going to try and debunk it further. Although why I bother is beyond me.
Why you bother is because you apparently care a lot about what we think on this subject. That much is apparent from your constant barrage of immature insults and baseless claims. The least you could do is have a rational conversation with us. Your one and two-line ramblings will have to do.
The idea that all aircraft are sabotaged to poison people is brilliantly ridiculous. It would just involve too many people, all across the globe, in every country.
Yeah, 'cause that's never happened before. ie. the Manhattan Project. It's called compartmentalization. Plus they use predictive programming in the media, commercials, TV shows, billboard ads, movies (esp. kids movies), video games and web sites to teach us and our children that persistent and spreading contrails are normal. It's not all aircraft, it's military and/or civilian planes with spray nozzles or fuel additives.
Here you go, look. I posted a link to this thread on the James Randi forum. Aren't I kind?
Thanks for the link, but "kind" would be showing that you aren't wasting our time and have done some actual research. You could provide a summary of the points in the link that you think relate to this thread, with due respect paid to what's already been discussed.
The chart says contrails do exist in certain conditions. NOT that all contrails are impossible.
Persistent contrails that last longer than about a minute are impossible. Persistent contrails that form clouds or haze is impossible.
So when I breathe out on a cold day and water vapour forms, that's a hologram?
Can you make a cloud with your breath or does it dissipate in harmony with the atmosphere? Can you make a persistent breath that lingers in the air longer than a minute? I thought not. stompk also makes an excellent point about seeing your breath in temperatures below the chart being caused by CO2, which is probably scientifically accurate.
What does this mean exactly? It seems to suggest the chart is inaccurate.
Not at all. It is more accurate in one direction and it just so happens to be the direction we are focused on. It is an excellent chart for proving that contrails should not form. Whether they form or not, they should never persist longer than about a minute. Perhaps if you know a pilot who flew near the end of WW2 you might ask them about contrails.

You have jumped on your belief without doing any real research of your own and you show little respect for those you converse with. You should be grateful we tolerate your uneducated trollish ways at all.

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