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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

Hmmm, I find that a little unfair.

I don't buy into the whole izard thing, I just find the ramifications of how rigid belief systems may close you off from looking into anything that may be conventionally be thought of as not possible, and it is safer to accept things as remote possibilities than impossibilities so as not to leave yourself open to manipulation by the government.

What is worse? People taking an interest in an eccentric (or loon, if you think so) public speaker and author that sets them on the road to waking up to this stuff, or remaining sheep taking every word from the government as truth and cheering on war after war in the Middle East, and skipping to the front of the queue for microchip implants so they don't need to carry house keys or flip a light switch.

The difference between David Icke and someone like Noam Chomsky is that he is a charasmatic and energetic speaker, captures the imaginations of people, and then they can set off on their own quests for the truth. I've seen Chomsky talk and it's very hard to keep your concentration, despite the interesting subject he talks about.

Only the truly gullable would hang on his every word Icke says, and accept fully that the government are reptilian aliens, but as a mainstream and pop culture introduction to things that everyone should be learning about I think he's helping wake people up to New World Orders and an Orwellian future society.

I've pointed out that any references to lizards on my site are purely methaphorical, and in itself is even poking a bit of fun at the concept to an extent.

You might say he's a lunatic, but for anyone who is into spiritualism he does speak a lot of sense. If you don't believe in spiritulism that is fine but to blazenly declare that anyone who says "despite what you think about his lizard stuff, this guy has a lot of interesting and insightful things to say" has no credibility is being very narrow minded for a regular in a conspiracy forum.

Initially I thought it might be a ploy to sell books, but it is clear he believes what he says. Maybe he's wrong, but he's doing what he's doing becasue he wants people to knwo what he considers truth. If he's a victim of misinformation without knowing it, is that not those who fed him that misinformation that are to blame?

...and I hope the Nuke remarks were attempts at irony.

Bye bye
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