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Thumbs up The Trade Center ^^Bombings^^.... Thats right im going there.....

Hey new to the forums and thought i would post something about the Trade Centre Collapse's.

For those that have seen the movie Zeitgeist I would like to extend my gratitude as the more that watch this movie will understand what really goes on behind americas red,white and blue curtains....

The facts have been proven and are there to show so why are people so ignorant as to no watching the movie and realising the facts.

Has middle class society gone to the dumps and must we always believe what the media feeds us, I think not.

I am glad i stumbled upon a community that allows us to voice our opinions and not be called a 'loony' or a 'retard' for beleiving something that has not been fully considered and infact shows truth of the matter.

I salute the admins and owners of this site....

I as a reader and sometimes believer of conspiracy theories has finnaly found my home.

Accept me for who i am as i am Little0Kill

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