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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

No Johnny old son...the Nook remarks were absoloutly for real.

You see you have fallen for the old if we all get rid of the nooks we'll all be I said, they killed 100,000 people in one night in Tokyo alone...thats 100,000.

Over 60 million all told in WW2...before they dropped one of their pop gun nooks. They destroyed nearly EVERY major city in Japan and what of Germany? All without a single nook?

You set yourself up for it...Icke is a cockhead...end of could have quoted 1000 web sites but you quote that idiot.

I mean think about it? You claim to be out for truth and dont say you dont quote him because you do and that includes the lizard shit...coz thats what it is...shit.

You insinuate that it's either listen to Icke or a brain chip? A little extreme? How many decent web sites discussing this stuff do you want...minus the lizard men?

I'm not racist BUT...and...i know he sounds crazy BUT...thats because he IS crazy...and at least an idiot if not a paid disinformation artist for the so called illuminati he wishes to expose...coz lets face it...if I want to expose the Power Elite I wont be wasting my time on lizard stories.

Use your brain and avoid people like Icke.
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