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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
In my mind it is only too apparent who the perpetrators of this monumental fraud are. At the end of World War II Nazi scientists were taken to both the United States and the Soviet Union as part of Operation Paperclip. It were these same scientists who ultimately made up the chief executive at NASA. The first director of the Kennedy Space Center, Kurt Debus, was an ex-Nazi; the founder of the science of exobiology (the study of the possibility of life on Mars or elsewhere in the Universe), Hubertus Strughold, (whose experiments on live humans during the War at Dachau concentration camp often proved fatal) was an ex-Nazi; and the designer of the Saturn V, Wernher von Braun was Hilter’s leading rocket scientist who built the V-2.

I believe that these ex-Nazis were clearly not to be trusted and like other ‘stay behind’ Nazi operatives after the war, they actively conspired from the outset to do damage to the US government. They were directly putting into practice Hitler’s famous saying concerning the power of propaganda, “The bigger the lie, the more believable it is.” I also believe these bogus space endeavours represent a ‘plant’ from which further operations could be launched against the anti-Nazi United States possibly assisted by an international league of Nazis in hiding rescued by the Vatican’s notorious ‘ratlines’ at the end of the war.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
  • After 1945, the US occupational government enforced a radical "denazification" program in Germany, indoctrinating all Germans about the supposed "evils" of Nazi ideology. Nazis lost their civil rights and many ended up in prison camps. While it is true that some German scientists came to work for the US, this was only after a thorough background check than could clear them from any affiliation with Nazi ideology.
  • Zionist Jews are the most dominant power in the US and back in 1945 Jews were also quite powerful. Are you seriously suggesting they would allow Nazis to run key multi-billion dollar NASA projects without any outside control?
  • What purpose would the otherwise powerless Nazis have in forging key multi-billion dollar NASA projects? Why would they waste their time on such pointless endeavors rather than seaking political or media dominance in the US (which they clearly do not have today)?
  • How do the perpetrators hide their conspiracy, when most people involved in these projects must be aware?
Although I'm pretty sceptical about the landing on the moon, I know of no reason to question the existence of the space shuttle missions or the ISS. Several of your technical claims have also been disputed by others here, so I wonder if you aren't just making this all up to get some attention.
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