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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by Alferd View Post
We are not talking about cloud seeding, we are talking about contrails.

Contrails form due to combustion exhaust.

Liquid CO2 can not form in combustion exhaust, nor can it form from human exhalations as you claimed.
No, I am talking about Chemtrails. You, are protecting you beloved government. Pathetic fool.

Fortunately the coldest cirrus have the highest ice supersaturation due to the dominance of homogeneous freezing nucleation. Seeding such cirrus with very efficient heterogeneous ice nuclei should produce larger ice crystals due to vapor competition effects, thus increasing OLR and surface cooling. Preliminary estimates of this global net cloud forcing are more negative than 2.8 W m2 and could neutralize the radiative forcing due to a CO2 doubling (3.7 W m2). A potential delivery mechanism for the seeding material is already in place: the airline industry.
Modification of cirrus clouds to reduce global warming

Translation. They have been using the airline industry for a long time.
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