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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

How about the next few lines where I say his evidence is circumstantial and anecdotal? Don't want to post that one, do you?

This is why this forum will only ever have one point of view, becuase when people come with any view which doesn't fit with the consensus they get shot down in flames and anyone else will not dare speak out of line again.

I've seen it before, people posting offensive replies to requests for software cracks when they pirate software themselves, you've got your little clique here and you don't want to risk falling out of conformity.

Maybe Icke is full of shit with the lizard stuff, in fact it's very likely he is, but how do you KNOW, FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that he is? did he tell you? Have you done a DNA test on the Queen of England? No, you have not. You BELIEVE he is full of shit. And you know, you might be right, but that's all it is.... BELIEF. you don't have the right to tell me or anyone else what is true and what is not when it is just your belief, be it well founded belief or not.

If you look at the rest of my site, you will see *quite clearly* that the main focus of it is buying into belief systems and what we consider real and not real... I think it's all very relevant, and was illustrating a point that you have missed completely. Be that my own fault for how I conveyed it, or your own fault for jumping at the chance to shoot down another dumb Ickeite without looking at what I'm really trying to say.

Besides that it's a bit fucked up to just rubbish someone's beliefs (or what you THINK is someone's beliefs through jumping to conclusions) Would you say the same thing to a Christian? "What you believe is a big load of shit, pal" - Sure debate why you BELIEVE Christianity is wrong, but what you're doing is facsist... trying to make everyone else think the same way as you... you're no better than the government in this respect.

Think about it.

I'm leaving now, cheers for the warm welcome...
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