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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

I do have faith that those who read this thread will see through albie and Alferd's attempt to distract from the truth, which will prevail. They cannot combat the truth, they can only distract and argue. The science is clear.

1. Contrails cannot form outside of the range of the Appleman Chart, to 98% accuracy. And even when the chart predicts them they are only 25% likely to appear at all. That means it must be at least -40C with 55%+ humidity for contrails to form, or colder where less humidity is required (optimal is very cold very dry).

2. Contrails do not contain enough particulate matter to act as condensation nuclei to attract water vapour and produce clouds. If there was enough sub-micronic particulate matter, a humidity of greater than 70% is required.

3. Contrails cannot persist longer than about a minute. Without a large amount of particulate matter they dissipate and achieve balance with the atmosphere, much like your breath. They do not "spread" or form long-lasting clouds or haze.

4. Trolls have a habit of ignoring eye-witness recordings of chemtrails in action.

Always, always, ALWAYS do your own research. Never discount a theory before investigating it thoroughly for yourself. Mainstream media tells you what to think. Start thinking critically for yourself again, weighing evidence and science from both sides, identifying paid govt. trolls, etc. and you will find the real truth.

Seek independent media such as:

Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
The Jane Burgermeister website - investigating the swine fluĀ*pandemic - Centre for Research on Globalization
zero hedge | on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

Articles on these sites often thoroughly cite sources from scientists to local papers. They also are far more likely to allow comments with little to no censorship, unlike mainstream media. Try telling someone they can cure a cold with low % hydrogen peroxide nasal spray and a little oil of oregano on CNN.COM. Ha! IF they even ALLOWED comments (they don't), it would be removed, because mainstream media is owned by the same secret groups who work hand-in-hand with their partners in government and corporations to sell us ineffective drugs and treatments and oppress our health. These people have gained their power and control by exploiting good men and women around the world for centuries. They must be stopped!

I am going to continue distributing DVDs until I reach my goal of 1000, then will likely sub-contract to a larger company and continue my work. I will be filming chemtrails whenever I can, and will be posting signs all around telling people to search YouTube for chemtrails and view the documentaries on my site.

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torrent .ISO on DVD.

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