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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
Looks good, stompk. Now what? Contact a high-profile freedom-loving lawyer? You should make copies... Post it everywhere around the net, from an anonymous wifi or tor anonymized browser. Or just give it to several people you think you can trust... Just in case
Truther, I plan to make this into pdf. Much of the document is boring, with exercises. But much of it is very important to those of us who understand the potential environmental catastrophic consequences of the US Air Force "Owning the Weather". I used up a roll of nickels making copies at the library today.

It's very technical, and won't appeal to those who need pictures of planes making chemtrails, but yes, it has legal potential. Once I have a good copy, I will distribute it freely to all.

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