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Default Re: The William Burroughs/Jimmy Page Chat - THE JIMMY AND BILL SHOW

AISB_Watch wrote:
You probably know about this site:

Royal Rife Technologies Homepage

Cool stuff.


I know your pretty heavy into stuff like this so I'll ask you if you've ever bought some of the products from this exotic technology, and if so, does it work! I've always been weary of claims about things like this, as is natural. You still see these ads in magazines like Nexus and Fortean. Ever since I was a kid I used to buy UFO magazines every month and the ads in the back always had products with amazing claims. Same sort of thing, no?

Wouldn't want to generalize a whole underground area of research ... maybe you can give us some links to convincing proof of some of these things. I've seen lots of sites before selling Tesla-inspired stuff and the Tesla Coils are always cool ... but ... ???

I haven't bought anything however you

buy into Tesla everyday you

1. turn on a light
2. listen to your cell phone
3. watch Satelite tv
4. wirelessly connect to the internet
5. listen to the radio

etc etc etc

to answer your other question yourself,

Ask yourself if the above 5 Tesla technologies

work for you.
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