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More than 250,000 Serbians were driven out from Kosovo by Albanian separatists. Presently, Serbians are living in Kosovo like in a ghetto. After the NATO occupation, more than 150 ancient Orthodox churches were destroyed by Albanians in Kosovo. There are no repair works. Serbians are living there in constant fear. Even Serbian children cannot go to school without adults. After NATO's occupation, hundreds of Serbians were killed in Kosovo. More than 3,000 Serbians are "missing" in Kosovo (that means "killed"). There are no investigations. Presently, Albanians are capturing Serbia's federal, social, and private property. The occupation's forces in Kosovo, the so-called peacekeeping forces, ignored Resolution 1244 of the Security Council of the UN. They misrepresent the current situation in Kosovo in its reports to the UN General Secretary. Today, Kosovo is a crucial point in the drug trade, which traffics heroin from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Europe.

Do you deny all these facts?!?
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