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Default Re: Contrails are real, chemtrails are not

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
Beware of this government disinfo agent. We speak at length in this thread, which contains some important scientific facts: Chemtrail documentaries:
You are a vile ignorant bigoted TROLL. I quote you on the "contrails cannot form into clouds" thread.

Why do you insist on discrediting and telling others what to do? No-one's stopping you from posting it elsewhere. I smell a paid troll.
You decided to join with some semi-rational thoughts and evidence. Congratulations on participating in the forum rather than just using it to baselessly attack others.
How long did you research? 5 minutes?
Why you bother is because you apparently care a lot about what we think on this subject. That much is apparent from your constant barrage of immature insults and baseless claims. The least you could do is have a rational conversation with us. Your one and two-line ramblings will have to do.
You have jumped on your belief without doing any real research of your own and you show little respect for those you converse with. You should be grateful we tolerate your uneducated trollish ways at all.
What's pointless is making statements about things we've already covered.
I don't know why I bother with you, you are an obvious paid troll ignoring what is easy to see with your own eyes.
Yawn. These trolls are pathetic.
Start thinking critically for yourself again, weighing evidence and science from both sides, identifying paid govt. trolls, etc. and you will find the real truth.
I am going to continue distributing DVDs until I reach my goal of 1000, then will likely sub-contract to a larger company and continue my work. I will be filming chemtrails whenever I can, and will be posting signs all around telling people to search YouTube for chemtrails and view the documentaries on my site.
Your argument is laughable. I honestly don't care if I convince you of anything -- In fact, I'm sure it's impossible considering your obvious line of work.
Only a fool would believe this decade-old phenomenon that happens in all temperatures at all altitudes in all humidity levels is caused solely by ice supersaturation.
Look at all the attention we are getting. It's good, because every page we argue with the trolls is one more page for the search engines!

Behavior such as yours, which includes every vice there is (lies, slander, careless ignorance and utter hypocrisy), shouldn't be allowed in ANY discussion forum, because it deflects ANY reasonable person away from it.
You are as far away from logical and reasonable debate as it is possible to go, and you wouldn't know science if it bit you on your arse.
There are legitimate concerns about the antisocial conspiracies that DO exist which are obfuscated, concealed, and clouded by YOUR antisocial "chemtrail" non-conspiracy machinations and your congruent financial wheezes. What a breath-taking hypocrite you are...
I shall have a chat with the administration to see what they might do to improve this site.
ONE improvement is OBVIOUS.

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