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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by JazzRoc View Post
I sure do. I paid my dues all my life. The UK pays it straight into my local bank here. It's not much, and decreasing as the Pound Sterling is devaluing. It's not a lot (but I shan't tell you what it is). Why do you ask?

(Actually I'm wondering why I'm answering this.)

Kindly respond to my post, will you?
Wow! An honest answer from a government funded shill.

I've answered your questions a hundred times over at ATS. Go over there and review.

Posted by JoshNorton

Well, when Steve was on ATS calling himself stompk, he started this chemtrail thread:
He was banned and came back as cutbothways and started these threads:
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He was banned and came back as Manasseh and started these threads:
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He was banned and came back as doctordoom and started these threads:
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He was banned and came back as Udontknowme and started these threads:
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He was banned and came back as kingswillquiver and started these threads:
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He was banned and came back as antiopression and started this thread:
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and now after being banned yet again, he's come back as exposethosesecrets and started these threads:
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My search for the 1990 USAFA Chemtrail document, page 1
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