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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

Dry your eyes Princess.

You clearly state time and again on your site that you believe in these Lizards. It's quite obvious.

Dont back peddle.

People like you give me the shits when you quote a complete tosser like Icke.

Hey..i believe that rabbid Kangaroo's run the planet. NO! Seriously, i know it's hard to believe but i was talking to this guy who knows a guy who once got pissed with a Abo fella up in timbuctoo and he SWARES it's true! Honestly, a little hard to believe but i have the evidence...

You say because I am a "Christian" that i am somehow biased against David Icke? No, i could'nt care less about his half assed attempts at trashing Christianity, i care that people will not listen to me because tossers like Icke poisen the well with their complete crap.

Would anyone who really had the best interests of getting out info on how the Elite control and manipulate the masses, possibly include this reptile tripe?

Icke cant believe a man called Jesus EVEN walked the Earth but wants us to believe that a bunch of shape shifting reptiles runs the planet...

Go here for a quick run down on the authenticity of the bible against other ancient texts...
Scroll to the bottom.

Now how does the bible as a historical text stack up against the shape shifting lizard theory?

Matey, if you stand for nothing you fall for everything. DO NOT mistake the word of Christ for the failings of the Churches.

As for me not having the right to tell you or anyone else what is posted here ya whiney little Liberal entered the ring and you got slapped. Get a pair of testicles and re-enter. I am not here to make your day. Post...and let the people respond.

Your left leanings fortell your world view...would you like to prosecute me for a hate crime? For hurting your little feelings? Poor little bleeding heart sook. No wonder we Australians and the Irish have to do all the fighting for you.

Thank God for all that Ethnic immigration into that sodden hole called England. It might inject some balls into the inbred English genetic material. Be thankful.

Heres a tissue...

BTW...NOHOPE says it best...
"You step in shit and wonder why you smell"
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