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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
I recorded my videos myself. Are you suggesting I modified them?

What of the hundreds of thousands of videos around the net showing much, much worse?
What? You mean EVEN MORE BORING?

Good video. Indeed, I always use my bologna detection kit. Believe it or not, I still remain objective about chemtrails.
You do? Then why are you so FULL OF PRECONCEPTIONS?

If you made claims other than "ice supersaturation" I would listen.
Ah. So you KNOW a jumbo spits out TWENTY SEVEN TONS OF SNOW PER MILE, and EIGHTY THOUSAND TONS PER FLIGHT. I rather thought you didn't.

I considered it seriously several posts ago, which you would know if you did indeed read the thread. I'm sorry but I don't agree this explains everything we're seeing.
I don't think we treat the word "serious" in the same way.

I KNOW you haven't read my first post in. I KNOW I read your posts, because your trolling disgusted me.

OF COURSE there are definitely more physics-related things you don't understand which complete the picture. Some of them RULE out ANYTHING that is supposed to be other than a contrail.

What has NO CONNECTION are "eyewitless accounts", "personal testimonies", "proposed weather-owning", "patents", "past govt atrocities" and "chemtrail vids", which are just a waste of your life (and mine, if you persuade me to watch them).

First you HAVE to understand what you see. For that you have to behave like a scientist would.

shilltastic seems to agree with me:

TrutherD, of course your comment will remain! It’s precisely the type of ignorance that those of us who understand the facts like to see! With that comment, you have just said “I know nothing about the atmosphere or aviation and I also accept youtube videos, made by OTHER ignorant people as “fact”, simply because I’m too lazy to research this from the perspective of peer reviewed scientific fact”. Thanks! That video is nothing but paranoid trash made by someone else who is clueless about the truth.

He REALLY has a way with words, doesn't he?

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