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Default Teen Group Sex.

Where are your kids?

In the late 60's and early 70's people in their late teens and 20's etc were doing it's kids as young as 12-13.

This is happening everywhere!

DRUGS! Particularly Amphetamine are being used to get up the Dutch courage.

Young girls are exchanging sex with older guys for moey and favours.

Soon being a prostitute will be voiced as a legitimate career move as it is in Russia.

I am NO prude nut this has got to stop!

Girls are using unprotected anal sex to avoid pregnancy! Great that they dont want the's deadly in the log God whats wrong with the social fabric! How soon before a HIV epidemic with rampant drug use and unprotected anal sex!

Lord have mercy!

Talk about "The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion" coming to us LIVE from the NWO.

Go here if you can stomach it...

you will find reams and reams of free pornography.

WATCH IT! Look at the degredation of the women!

It's no longer just's rape. It's websites dedicated to picking up "Trailer Park Girls" and virtually raping them and dumping them out of a car.

We'd better learn the nature of our enemy.

And that means getting involved and saying..."E-N-O-U-G-H". No further...that is the boundary line.
Nurses warn over teen group sex
Teenagers - anonymous
School nurses say they deal with teenagers who have been sexually exploited
Teenagers are taking part in a group sex activity known as "daisy-chaining", nurses have claimed.

School nurses at the Royal College of Nursing's conference in Harrogate said colleagues in parts of London had become aware of the practice.

Nurses warn daisy-chaining, where acts are performed with multiple partners, puts teenagers' health at risk.

They said the problem showed how school nurses' work had changed from checking for "nits" or giving immunisations.

Concerns about binge drinking and drug abuse had also changed their role, school nurses said.


Judy McRae, a sexual health nurse in London, said: "Colleagues are coming across reports of groups of young people having sex in large groups.

Most school nurses at some time in their career will work with children and young people who are subjected to sexual exploitation
Liz Allan, RCN School Nurses Forum

"It is known as daisy-chaining and is obviously very worrying as far as sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy is concerned.

"As we understand it, it involves groups of older teenagers going round to each other's homes and having sex in a similar way as swinging. It is very new and is only just starting to be talked about."

Steve Jamieson, an RCN sexual health adviser, highlighted a case involving a 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with HIV, which he had contracted through sexual activity, though not through daisy-chaining.

The boy had been shocked to realise that someone so young could be diagnosed with HIV.

Other sexual health nurses said peer pressure was causing young boys to become sexually active earlier.

Liz Allan, chairman of the RCN School Nurses Forum, said some children felt under pressure to provide sexual favours because they are part of a gang culture.

"Most school nurses at some time in their career will work with children and young people who are subjected to sexual exploitation, that's boys and girls who prostitute themselves.

"These are children who are being exploited sexually who prostitute themselves as a result of coercion, violence, trafficking," she said.

Ms Allan said children could also sell sexual favours for money.

Research involving more than 1,200 school nurses in the UK, conducted by the RCN, found that 90% were dealing with providing sex advice and support.

Two thirds said they had also supported youngsters with substance abuse, and 90% had dealt with obesity problems.

A spokesperson for Terrence Higgins Trust said: "Risky sexual practices like this are the fastest way to spread sexually transmitted infections like HIV.

"It's very worrying that young people are putting themselves at risk in this way.

"Sex and relationship education must improve so that young people know how to protect themselves and their sexual partners."

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