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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
Ignore eye-witness accounts? You are quite surely insane. All considered, in my opinion, arguing about ice saturation in light of the summation of all evidence is a "waste of life".
We ALL have eyes and can see.
We all see there are aircraft laying trails.
It is the INTERPRETATION of what you see that is important. Without a little scientific understanding it is NOT POSSIBLE to interpret what you see correctly ie.: Does the Sun go round the Earth? You know it doesn't. Does the Sun appear to go round the Earth? You know it does.
What's the difference? Interpretation (science) is the difference.
That is WHY eyewitness accounts need careful analysis. In practice "chemtrail eyewitness videos" are ALL of the EXACT SAME phenomenon. To see one IS to see all, for the aircraft trail will merely reveal the WEATHER in the plane's path. And the weather is the weather. No further analysis is necessary after the first CT vid. (The thousands of CRAPPY, squalid, bullshit, miserable, dimwitted offerings that there are out there. The ghastly waste of video technology by those who understand nothing of the design genius between their fingers is SO BAD that I honestly begin to believe the human race DESERVES extinction.)
Some of us with considerable experience know precisely what is happening, because we were educated properly.
I certainly learned at an early age to respect the education system before I understood it, and especially respect science before I understood at least 90% of it. Respect MUST precede understanding.
You have NOT been there.
You don't bother to find out ANYTHING which disconfirms your preconceptions.
You fabricate stories which might fit these, and exchange these fabrications with other morlocks.
This has led you to smell an opportunity to make money selling lies and slanders to other ignorant people, stoking up their fear and keeping them in the dark.
It's more than mischief.
You and your clones are an anarchic force of truly mindless social destruction and appear to be the precursors of the next dark age.
In a properly-civilized society (which this one certainly isn't) you'd be hunted down and your criminal neurones whacked before you committed further harm.
You may well be mentally-ill, but I have looked after psychologically-damaged people in the past, and NONE of them ever behaved as badly as you. They were always trying to be decent people.
In my opinion you are filthy and disgusting worms. What am I saying? Worms are beautiful creatures compared with you.

Just an opinion, of course...

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