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Where are the parents?

Dog tired after both have finished working for the NWO.

Latch key kids, no parental supervision and parents who are just plain dumb and nieve...

Theres a war going on for our kids. Somebody better get a pair of balls and start laying down the law at home...thats DAD if any of us remember what he used to do for a living.

That means Dad will have to raise his voice and tell his kids just what the ground rules are and Dad had better know that the NWO is out to destroy his little family so he better get a pair.

And the State can get it's big fat nose out of family business with spoilt little brats using the Social Security system to move away from home at 14 and live on the streets...not because daddy is a rapist but because little Jenny and Tommy dont like doing what they're told.

Your son or daughter is NOT your best friend...they are vulnerable little humans who need guidence from parents who we hope actually give a shit.

Until parents learn that they are under ASSAULT by a premeditated, scientifically crafted psy op we will never get our family unit back.

Mums and Dads cant do it alone...they need the close support of a COMMUNITY! Good relations with neighbours and close relatives and a Church that teaches values other than look out for No 1.

Mothers and Fathers are going to have to put the Property speculation craze on hold and actually find out what their sons and daughters are up to. This will take time and effort but will be worth it in the end.

Thanks Henry Makow!
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