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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
I watched with my own eyes as they systematically REBUILT the overcast sky in a variety of ways. I don't need any more interpretation.
Oh yes you do.
87,000 flights are made each day over the States and most of them are NOT seen, except by paranoids with telephoto lenses. If they make no trails they are easily missed by everyone. Just now and then they'll glint in the light of the sun.
It's only when the sky is wet that chemtrailers' interest is excited.
But the same number of flights take place each and every day.

you are really not very nice.
In the same way that policemen are "not nice" to burglars.

it seems you would prefer a totalitarian police state
No. Just one that has a zero tolerance to CRIME.

I spread what I've learned from extensive research not to make money - as you will see there are no ads on my blog and all the films I recommend are free - but to raise awareness on important issues for humanity
Your "research" doesn't include the scientific research on the atmosphere (some of which I have provided here) without which you are bound to DIMINISH awareness.

when I find I'm wrong I celebrate the discovery, as scientists do
In which case (if you read the above) you're in for a celebration. We can celebrate together. Mine's a beer...

If I could suggest anything to you I would say respect and love your fellow man. They do the best they can with the knowledge and experiences they have. They have a right to exist.
My sentiments entirely.

Who are you to judge and execute?
Well, I stand up for justice and truth. I want due process of law. I detest immorality, unethical behavior, and criminality. You can check me for my definitions of those if you wish.
As for "execution", I think you will find that your slapdash approach has led you too ANOTHER poor conclusion. Without checking above, I think I said something like "whacking your criminal neurones".
What I had in mind involved just that. Using a cat-scanner it is possible to identify EXACTLY those neurones involved with paranoid behavior. That is, the ones which prevent you from acting in a scientific, logical, and reasonable manner. The ones that, consciously or unconsciously, mark me as a shill, for a start, and then prevent you from reading MY FIRST POST and congratulating your co-conspirator for tieing this "shill" to your thread and expanding your net coverage. (A set of actions which I found even more disgusting than your original outrageous behavior.)
For I should be taken for what I truly am, which is a retired professional scientist, engineer, artist, and musician. At least UNTIL I have provided you with evidence otherwise.
To me, a "shill" is obviously a LIAR. As I know I definitely am NOT one, so I know that you definitely ARE one.
The reason why I am retired (at age 65) and living in Tenerife is simple. I worked for the last eighteen years of my professional life as a self-employed engineering contract worker. Due to foolishly investing (using my home as collateral) in my own household heat recovery system business (which works, but that's another story) during the Thatcher era, I lost my house. I and my family lived by the charity of a friend while I worked contract until my mother-in-law died, leaving my wife her house. This she sold, and this enabled us to move to Tenerife. Since being here I have worked as a gardener, but only for about a six-month period. It's hard getting employment on a Spanish island if you're an English engineer. And this year I qualified for a government pension, being 65 years old.

I hope for all of our sakes the good people reading this thread can see through your pitiful attempt at character assassination. Regards
If my accurate description of what you are doing assassinates your character that will be good. For you in particular.
Your character is far too slapdash so far for you to be able to justify your behavior.
But it is within the remit of everyone (who is well) to change their behavior.
If you really will not read and learn to understand my post then you are outside reason and logic and, frankly, unwell.
If, on the other hand, you DO interchange information with me, you stand a chance of liberating yourself from this morbidity you suffer from.
This liberation will free you to consider genuinely pressing problems concerning REAL conspiracies which DO exist.
That's all I wish for.
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