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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by albie View Post
That's weird. I happened upon Jazzroc while looking for info on the subject. Was going to email him to invite him here to use REAL science. And he's here before I had a chance to. This must be a psychic event!

OH NO! I'm one of THEM now!
It didn't work like that.
My blog which runs at Wordpress gives me a "dashboard" which logs EVERY ENTRY EVENT.
I keep a beady eye upon it for entries from forums.
It was the simplest thing to reach into the blog page, Albie, and sign up.
I thought you were doing pretty well, actually, but I could also see a fairyland of trolling taking place.
I have nothing against conspiracy sites in principle (although quite often they have a lot against me!).
It's just that SOME conspiracy theories NEED quelling. If they are totally out of whack, they divert ENERGY from where it has to be applied.
The Chemtrail Theory plays every victim it has straight into the hands of the people we MUST overcome.
Even unaffected people are going to become affected by THAT.
The most important events are the ones happening now, of which we know nothing.
We know nothing because we have become fixated upon trivia like "chemtrails" (don't exist), 911 (far too effing late), and whatever....

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