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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
Instead of quelling something that is extraordinarily plausible
Conmen are that.

why don't you try working toward garnering support for whatever you feel is good and righteous?
My understanding of aircraft and the atmosphere is "good and righteous". Because of it I KNOW your behavior is BAD and WRONGFUL.

Surely your time could be better spent than making one-sided rants and attacks against people who have already expressed numerous reasons for their opinion.
Every one of your "reasons" is incorrect. In the three years since I first heard of this crap I have NEVER heard a chemtrailer propose a SINGLE correct "reason". You are NEVER right. Even stopped clocks are correct twice a day. "Chemtrail" reasoning is simply abysmal. Hopeless. Pathetic. Bad. Fraudulent. Corrupt.

There must be something of a greater threat to the safety and security of you and your loved ones than "chemtrail believers".
What? Thousands of very stupid liars slandering innocent people while conspirators conspire at their leisure?

You do realize being rude is probably not the best way to convert people to your view, right?
Well REASON doesn't seem to work with you. You make a mockery of debate with your arrogant pseudoscience.

Are you really that bitter? Cheer up, mate. There's always viagra (though I would suggest Cayenne and Maca Root instead). :P (Couldn't resist!)
No. Not really. I'm confident you'll provide your own nemesis if you're determined enough. I won't have to bother. I've made you an offer, which you've rejected. That's the end of it.
I'm busy with this, on my desert island:
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