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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
Last night it started to clear up a bit, but the thick overcast is back in full force today. After doing my rounds handing out DVDs (including to a few cute girls), I looked at rainwater under a dark-field microscope. I took a slide outside and waited about 5 minutes until it was covered with rain droplets. I put it under the microscope at magnification up to 16x60x (960x). I didn't see anything moving, but I did see a lot of very tiny possible fibers. I can't rule out slide contamination yet (it is practically impossible to get a slide 100% clean) and I do not have access to advanced techniques such as resonance scanning to identify the material nor far more advanced live microscopy up to 60,000x such as utilized by Royal Raymond Rife in the 30's to see very tiny organisms (that technology is, of course, harshly suppressed). To me, the fibers looked a lot smaller than normal dust contamination and it did not appear to be a uniform scrape or anything on the glass. The slide came straight from the box, to sampling, to the 'scope. A few of the supposed fibers were twisted up in close proximity, etc. Perhaps I can concentrate or strain the rainwater which should amplify their number and clearly rule out slide contamination.
Nice work TrutherD. Great scientific information!

I have some time to review more of this Chemtrail documents. I'm finding alot, if not all of the chemical talked about in the document are the same chemicals used in biological/chemical warfare.
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