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Consider this...once the fabric of time is violated, it has always been violated. Once time travel happens, it has always happened. Trans-dimensional shifting and mind control, as you call it, is a cumulative, non-linear progression.We are all connected by a filament web that goes from heart to heart. When the heart(higher emotional center) awakens, we begin to be aware of subtle energetic realities. If one is captured in the initial phase of awakening,one can be isolated and enslaved,ie cult indoctrination and the God given capacity to choose is abducted. Remember, freedom is not control of your circumstances, rather it is a broad range of choice.The Illuminati is not perfect by any means and depends for it's power upon the energy manipulation of fearful people. The Families are not lineages of genetic integrity, they are far more extended than you might imagine. It would be indiscretion, and dangerous on my part to go too deeply into this in any other context than face to face communication in a secure environment. The Boys make mistakes from time to time. I am one of them; a slave project gone feral. There are a few of us around...Cathy O'Brian is a rescue, different breed of cat...God bless her and protect her, she is in our prayers. Please understand and remember always and everywhere, you attract persons,places and things according to your level of being. You are far more intellegent than you realize, in general and more powerful.The great battle is in the offing, very soon now. Educate yourself not from any external source, everything is suspect, the enemy is incredibly subtle.Still the flow of associative thought, clear a space of quiet within and listen. The information you need to survive and triumph is being transmitted 24&7. May God keep you from harm. Remember Him in every moment as you remember who you are, where you came from and where you are,awake
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