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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

@ stomptrutherDuh

How convenient of you to leave out PM2.5 (particulate matter, 2.5 nanometre). But you well know about the particulates, don't you. How honest of you (not) to include them in your fancy formulas.
And what's that got to do with "Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)"?
Trace elements, even radioactive ones, are present in ALL fossil fuels.
You had better turn off your heating and sell your transportation and take to riding a bicycle and wearing thicker pullovers before you DIE of hypocrisy.
Haven't you noticed that the road outside is a source of greater danger?
The stuff seeping through the cracks in the doors and windows - the heated air from sub-floor gas heaters. Hell, you'd better buy a GASMASK.

Ask yourself one question. Why would anyone spend so much time ridiculing and discrediting those who believe in chemtrails? Surely a few "crazy conspiracy theorists" are no threat to their world. JazzRoc is either an obsessive-compulsive delusional or a paid shadow-government-affiliated troll. The only threat to him is the truth.
And what's that got to do with "Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)"?
From now on I shall use "H" to stand for the word "hypocrisy", because you make me have to type it all the time.
The western world has been subject to a dumbing-down process brought about by a right wing counter-revolution begun in the late sixties after a generally left-wing revolution which began in the mid-sixties. I know because I was there.
You are the product of it, I'm sorry I couldn't stop it, but here you are, and we have to deal with it. Even if you obtained a modest scholastic success by age eighteen, any educated Chinese person half your age will be superior to you in intellect.
You lack the means to handle truth. (Jack Nicholson springs to mind, suddenly.)

Well, we know the answer to that. It's both! He keeps the thread alive, so he serves a purpose.
And what's that got to do with "Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)"?
My purpose is to show you truth, and to show others how YOU fail to handle it. That's good enough for me. Thanks for helping.

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