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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I didn't say anything was wrong, I originally thought something was wrong with my Internet browser. Each site is different, I didn't know, quit being so defensive.

Why would my attorney care? That would be a waste of time and my money. You are a overly defensive person.
I think you're the one who spends hour after hour on this thread defending Freemasonry.

So, who is the overly defensive person?

Seriously, come on.

I posted a comment and you clicked on the link you received via email and it wasn't there so you had to immediately inquire as to why.

Did you think it was a conspiracy against you?

You couldn't just let it go?

Where, oh, where, did BlueAngel's comment go?

Yes, we know, you thought something was wrong with your browser.

Well, if something was wrong with your browser, CC certainly couldn't help you with that.

You'd have to call your Browser Repair Man.

That, we are not.

After all your time on this board, I would think you would be able to recognize my sarcasm by now.

Anyway, you're right.

I'm very good at defense.
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