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I could'nt agree more Draken.

They will get us to accept what we would NEVER have accepted without a constant "incremental" higher dosage of filth.

And I mean filth. Watch "8mm" starring Nicolas Cage.

A glimpse into the utter filth of which the ruling classes play a big part.

Believe me I am NO prude. But enough is enough.

The pornography industry has shown itself to be incapable of self regulation.

It is NOT about sex...a penis entering a vagina is not the is the incremental increase in "boundery" free sex...anything and EVERYTHING goes.

You can treat another human being however you want whenever you want. Increasingly the pornography is more and more about humiliating and degrading the woman. Power of one over another.

They shaft us with their social engineering and interference in our lives and instead of fighting the enemy...we fight each other...Muslim against Christian, Man against Woman, children against the song goes...

"Kill all the blacks, kill all the reds, there'll be war between the sexes then there'll be nobody left...and so it goes, around again, but now and then we wonder who the real men are?" Joe Jackson.
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