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Originally Posted by samsamsonsoy View Post
People have been warning that BA is a nut. Makow has a good site and a good perspective. Nice post mizfish.

New World Order Conspiracies - Home


I don't agree with Makow 100%, so I'm a nut?

I suppose you don't agree with Obama, so, therefore, we'll consider you to be a NUT, as well.

Or, do you consider me to be a NUT because I was a victim of the CIA's MKULTRA/Project Monarch trauma-based mind control program?

Or, is it that you prefer people consider me to be a NUT for other obvious reasons, such as the above?

I'm sure people are capable of using their OWN MINDS in deciding whether or not I'm NUT so, no need for warning flags.

No matter what the reason anyone believes me to be a NUT, I can say with certainty that I'm probably one of the most sane people who post on this forum surrounded by a whole lot of other nuts who come in all different shapes and sizes.

BTW, my husband has requested that I inform you that he can attest to the fact that I'm not a NUT.

NUTS are good, however.

He likes them and so do I.

Especially macadamia nuts which are my favorite.

I think it's time my hubby register on the forum.

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