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Default Leaked emails on global warning scam reveal new world orders plans.

Most of you will have heard about and seen the emails that have been leaked about climate change and how it's a scam and isn't actually happening.

I found this email whilst browsing:

Alleged CRU Emails - Searchable

I found this part particularly interesting :

8.0 Articles

A) How women matter in decreasing world population
B) The energy we need
C) Mining the impacts
D) Symbiotical relationship of religion and global life-support systems
E) Celebration of Life Day
F) The hidden agenda: China
G) Earth Government now a priority
H) The splitting of America into separate independent states living at peace for the
good of all
I) The war industry: the modern evil at work in the Middle East
J) Earth security
K) Earth governance
L) The Earth Court of Justice holds the people of the U.S.A. and Britain as criminals
M) Foundation for the new world order, Earth Government

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