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Default Animated Cartoons: Entertainment or Highway to Hell?

As for myself, I allready know. The Satanic scum and their heathen collaborators have spread manure on the airwaves. They call this stinking mass of vomit "entertainment".
Parents-be CAREFUL what your young ones are watching! The Satanists laugh when they corrupt another young mind. Here is a good site for GODLY cartoons: Christian Comic Book Store -

See here a video called "Obama the Lion King and Satanic Disney manipulation 2" Dailymotion - Obama the Lion King and Satanic Disney manipulation part 2 - a News & Politics video

Here a former Satanic High Priest, Stephen Dollins reveals the qoute "secret signs and symbols used in todays media, with a focus on The Japanesse cartoon "POKEMON" End Quote.

Former High Priest Satanist Stephen Dollins .Prophecy Club

Be on alert, righteous Christian America! The perverts, freaks, reprobates, heathens, feminists and sodomites want your childrens mind. Do the right thing before they either are brainwashed into a sex change or becoming a raving homo.

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