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Default Re: Are the Laws of Physics Wrong?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Please explain your logic JazzRoc.
Work done is NOT equivalent to FORCE times TIME. I reckon it's FORCE times DISTANCE.

A rock rests on a flat plain on the surface of a gravitational body - say the Earth. It exerts a force on the plain - and the plain exerts a force on it, and nothing goes anywhere.

No work is being done on anything. But time is still passing....... and the force still pressing......

Work is only done when a force moves a mass some distance (lifting the rock off the plain against the gravitational acceleration). Or when a force accelerates a specified mass for a period of time. Acceleration involves a length dimension.

Therefore "Work" involves a length dimension. Distance.

I don't think that much in physics theory these days. I hope you understand what I write here. I knew you weren't correct here but to my astonishment I initially found it difficult to enunciate why.

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